The Legacy Collection + Archives

The Ron Huebner Legacy Collection + Archives celebrate the work of sculptor, object-maker and conceptual artist Ron Huebner with the intent of fostering an understanding, appreciation and recognition of Huebner’s artistic legacy on a national and international level.

Ron Huebner (1959 - 2004) was a pioneering spirit in the Canadian conceptual, sculptural arts arena. His installations and individual works were highly original often including sound and sensory elements which were at the forefront of exploratory art practises at the time. Over a short-lived but intense twenty year period of his professional career Huebner created a substantial body of memorable work while residing in both Canada and Europe. He challenged not only himself and the viewer, but the system within which he functioned. Huebner’s endeavours were strongly supported throughout his entire career by not only the Canada Council for the Arts, the BC Arts Council but also the Government of the Netherlands. His legacy is born out of true passion and a soul journey to find one’s place in existence through their artistic endeavours.

The Legacy Collection

We are focused on the management, maintenance and restoration of existing works that have come to represent Huebner’s artistic oeuvre of work, with the ultimate goal of collection placement in sustainable institutions that allow the legacy to carry on in perpetuity.

The Archives

The ongoing focus of the Archives is the cataloging, documenting and archiving of the collection and all associated collateral that are also part of the Huebner artistic heritage, with the goal of eventual placement of all archived materials within a sustainable institution.