About the Legacy Project

The Ron Huebner Legacy Collection + Archives celebrate the work of innovative Canadian sculptor and conceptual artist Ron Huebner with the intent of fostering an understanding, appreciation and recognition of Huebner’s artistic legacy on a national and international level. We are focused on the management of the artist’s heritage and estate, facilitating research efforts around the artist’s oeuvre, and, making the work accessible to artists, arts professionals and other interested individuals through a comprehensive archive.

The Archives

The ongoing focus of the Archives is on the collection, documentation, cataloging, archiving and restoration of works that are part of the artistic heritage of Ron Huebner with the goal of collection placement in sustainable institutions. Project administrators encourage involvement from external sources wishing to share information relating to the artist and his work, or having other constructive input that further enhances the collection and archive intentions.


Internal Flame | The once and future Sculpture of Ron Huebner by Robin Peck, Canadian Arts Spring 2014 Vol 31 No1

Work that had been in storage in Amsterdam since Huebner’s passing, only retrieved to Canada over recent years is in the continued process of inventorying, documentation, cataloging and restoration as required.

‘Enduring Spirit | Ron Huebner’ Oct 2018 solo exhibition at the O’Connor Group Art Gallery, Chilliwack Cultural Centre, BC Canada curated by the Archives. The exhibition represented a select cross-section of work spanning twenty years of Huebner’s career from his first solo exhibitions (1983-84 Halifax | Vancouver) to his last (2004 Hamburg and Amsterdam). Many of the works never had former exposure in Canada.

The Ron Huebner Legacy Project was originally funded through the generous support of the British Columbia Arts Council which has since led to the ongoing work of the Archives, retrieval of works from Europe and the most recent solo exhibition ‘Enduring Spirit | Ron Huebner’.