About the Legacy Project

The Legacy Project celebrates the work of innovative Canadian sculptor and conceptual artist Ron Huebner. The project intends to foster an understanding, appreciation and recognition of Huebner’s artistic legacy on a national and international level. The project is focused on: management of the artist’s heritage and estate, facilitating research efforts around the artist’s oeuvre, and, making the oeuvre accessible to artists, arts professionals and other interested individuals through a comprehensive archive, of which this website is a partial component.

While Huebner family form the nucleus in driving the Legacy Project forward they invite involvement from external individuals and sources, be that curators, art writers, critics, artists, art historians, researchers, museum directors, filmmakers, collectors and/or private individuals alike that may wish to collaborate on the project, be that with the exchange of pertinent information relating to the artist and his work, for research or publication purposes, for consideration of future exhibition possibilities or, equally of importance, to simply support the project intentions. Constructive input that further enhances the project intentions and archival content accuracy is encouraged.

With respect to this website, while it has finally been launched, it is being created in sync with the archives which is still in a formative stage and therefore content updates and inclusions are expected until such time that it is deemed complete.

The Artistic Heritage

In its initial phase, it is considered important that the project revolve around the collection, cataloging and archiving of the artistic heritage of Ron Huebner. This will include historically documented work, as well as physical works still in existence and the furthering of administrative archives, initiated by Huebner, involving images, documents, texts and visual and literary sources of inspiration. By establishing a complete overview of the artist’s heritage, project administrators will be in a position to construct an ideal starting point for a sustainable long-term vision.

The Ron Huebner Archives

One goal of the Archives is to foster interest in the possible exhibition of existing work, particularly those that have not had public exposure in North America. The Archives invites any such interest. In late 2013 numerous important works held in storage for over ten years in Amsterdam were successfully relocated to Canada.

In 2007, the RH Archives were invited to organize a selection of works for inclusion in a group exhibition curated by Fons van Laar at the RC de Ruimte Kunstenaarsinitiatief located in IJmuiden, Netherlands. As the exhibition had a ‘travel-based’ thematic, works selected for inclusion were: the Concrete Suitcase, a large image from the Paris Gutters series accompanied by a limited edition 'Paris Gutters' book and the Culture Cane with high frequency radio receiver that projected various radio stations as one walked/traveled.