Canada / Netherlands: 1995 - 1990

This period was punctuated with travel and work between Canada and the Netherlands resulting in three important solo exhibitions representing both previously exhibited work and new work. In 1991 Huebner was invited to bring the installation 'What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You' (formerly exhibited at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver) to the established and highly regarded Galerie Delta (Rotterdam). This was followed with an installation at Galerie Burning, Montreal consisting of a condensed version of ‘Need Me Like I Need You’ (formerly exhibited at UBC Fine Arts Gallery, Vancouver). Huebner also participated in a number of West Coast group exhibitions including ‘Standard Stoppages’ which included the neon window installation ‘An Ideal Self’. Of particular significance to this period was the preparation of new work and the mounting of a solo exposition 'The Greyhound Series’ at St. Mary’s University Art Gallery, Halifax.