Later Dutch Period: 2000 - 1995

Huebner felt alienation on the west coast as Robin Peck succinctly summarized in his feature article Ron Huebner | Internal Flame in Canadian Art Spring 2014… “To many East-Coast artists, “Canadian Art” is a misnomer for what is really art from Toronto, and now also art from Vancouver. However when Huebner relocated to Vancouver in the mid-1980’s, Vancouver was still dominated by it’s own provincial art cultures, each with it’s own local micro-history (of Vancouver Pop-Art, of Vancouver Minimalism, of Vancouver Conceptualism and particularly of Vancouver Photography). While the curators and critics queued up to promote each succeeding generation of photographer Jeff Wall “replicants”, there was not much curatorial oversight or critical audience for Huebner’s sculpture.”

Having had a highly positive introduction into the European arts community through the Jan Van Eyck Academie, in 1995 Huebner made the decision to return to Amsterdam to set up a studio base which he maintained throughout the balance of his short-lived life. As the reception to his work in the Netherlands was highly encouraging and far more supportive, this move represented new beginnings, re-acquaintance with former colleagues and the widening of professional horizons. During this period Huebner had four individual solo expositions of comprehensive new work and participated in four group exhibitions.