In his own words

"My practice is that of a visual artist. I work primarily with three-dimensional form. For me, the practice of making art is a way in which I deal with, make sense of, come to terms with, the world around me. Over the course of my professional career, which has now spanned over twenty years, I have used a variety of materials and methods to achieve this. As much of my work is visual, it often relates to other aspects of perception such as vibration, sound, temperature (heat), light or touch.

My work is conceptually based, and that is to say that the origins of the work begin as a thought, an idea, a feeling which further evolves into a form, inevitably functioning as a platform, a lookout, to communicate my concerns from.

From my viewpoint, art in itself can serve a vital role in this world, not only as a means to maintain, record a consciousness of the time and place we live in physically, spiritually, intellectually, or politically, more significantly when art succeeds in itself to communicate, it can have a profound effect of moving the soul, raising the consciousness so as to offer another situation or place in time to consider things from.

The practice and nature of art making for me is all about the maintenance and ultimately attempted evolution of consciousness. It is a means to an end that is never understood in it’s entirety. Much like a wheel this is spinning very rapidly but appears to be moving slowly, the job of the artist is to leave the viewer in a continuum, and at a point of contemplation. Perhaps one spends an entire life trying to make sense and understand the underling moment we are born. As we remain occupants of time, life is temporal and constantly moving through us."

Ron Huebner 2003

Image - Ron Huebner

Much like a tree that grows naturally, I believe that the artist must mature soulfully.RH (image Ron Huebner)