Diamonds in the Rough
Cast polished glass, embedded text
18 x 18 x 12 cm
Collection - Ron Huebner Archives

The series consists of nine hand-cast and polished glass forms.
Production took place in the infamous diamond city Antwerp.

“Each diamond consists of solid cast glass with text suspended in the center of each form akin to everyday proverbs found inside of fortune cookies. Each diamond is individually unique. The forms intend to operate as a kind of metaphorical crystal ball of sorts, as the inserted text is similarly discovered by the viewer as if a fortune. The various texts selected when combined with the form, intend to operate in the border zone between fact and fiction, between speculative thought and literal meaning. Ultimately the work operates as a kind of metaphor referring itself back to notions of what a fortune is - with the viewer left to question what a fortune really is in their own heart... in their own mind.”  RH