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Ron Huebner at the Western Front
Steel, sound, tape recording, tape player, speakers, light fixtures, porcelain, photographs, plastic, rubber and other mixed media materials
Pellet table - 96 x 80 x 62 cm
Pole Light
Platform for Losing My Father's Footsteps
Porcelain drums - 27 x 28 x 9 cm
Bomb as Void - 155 x 45 x 85 cm


Solo Show - Western Front Gallery, Vancouver British Columbia Canada


“Untitled, labeling our humanity, or lack of it. The sound waves vibrating base, overcoming static states, dancing in relativity,,,. To study life, hope, a light house gathering us towards our collective destiny, aware of the rocky shore, reflections of our technologies, buzzing at it’s base. Leading on to inner realities, encompassed by losing our father's footsteps. Catapulting us from the platform into nuclear baby carriages of waste. The present potential, our tabled humanity illuminated, overcome with ‘purity’... of two children drumming us into more awake states.”  RH