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Short Stories from the Unconscious Conscious - [Exposition]

Solo Exhibition - De Fabriek, Eindhoven Netherlands

“This exhibition deals with the constant pendulum of everyday survival and the moment of silence which lies like a twilight in between the darkness and the light... constantly reminding us of the urgency of time yet leaving us at a moving crossroads which is uncertain and poses a dilemma as to where our final destination will be.

I attempted to create a  psychologically charged situation based on paradoxical problems I related in the unconscious conscious... an ambiguous state based on feelings that are clear and known, yet cannot really be understood, common phenomena, the extraordinary ordinary.

In the developmental process I use a variety of materials and methods to translate my ideas and evoke thought. The work exhibited is an exploration into the unknown, and from the state of memory and feeling that operates in between the unconscious and the conscious. It is my intention to leave the viewer in a sort of sculptural twilight zone where they can relate to their own experience.”  RH