The Timekeeper
Aluminum, fur, sound track, tape player, speaker
109 x 99 x 28 cm
Base - 71 cm
Collection - Ron Huebner Archives

Installation - St. Marys University Art Gallery 1994 Halifax Canada
Installation - Masque of the Red Death 1992 Vancouver* Canada


Hollow sculpture containing the sound track of of a heartbeat along with a bell toll that chimes intermittently.

“This work is a tombstone shaped form housing a dark hollow chamber which emits the sounds of a heartbeat and a deep chime that ring periodically. Where the hands of this symbolic clock would be is the entrance into this void. Upon further inspection a dark red organic form is revealed which is where the source of the sound comes from. On the back of the sculpture is an aerial which acts as an antenna of sorts. The form itself is made out of aluminum. The sound element places a significant role in allowing the form to act as a human clock that can only differentiate between life and death.” RH


*The Vancouver installation took place in an abandoned warehouse as part of a multi-media exhibition titled ‘Masque of the Red Death’ curated by Glenn Alteen. It was a production between visual and performing artists. The visual artists involved created the environment, the atmosphere for the performing artist to lead spectators through.