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Confession House for Taking Your Words Back
A Place for Unburdening Yourself
Existing bath house, potgrond, glass plate, aluminum piping structure,
amplifiers,reverse sound effect mechanism
House structure - 2 m x 160 cm x 2 m
Castle grounds - 7 hectares
Status - Recycled    

Installation - Stichting Intro In Situ, Vliek Castle Grounds, Maastricht Netherlands

“An existing bath house located on an island within the castle grounds was transformed into a confession house of sorts. Interior walls were covered with pot ground to create the feeling of going into the earth. A chair within the small space allowed viewers to sit down and speak into a sound pipe periscope-like structure which processed, transformed and projected the viewers voice in reverse through the pipe structure and into the exterior environment. An existing opening in the floor which allowed bathers to enter the water was covered with plate glass providing an additional element... or opening for viewer contemplation of both the water passing beneath the structure, and, also the physicality of the confession chamber itself.”  RH