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Joe’s Spirit Hospital
30 body shaker transducer speakers, 30 steel plates and metal rods,
light and sound organs, cassette recorder, tape recordings, gravel
Space - 4 x 5 m
Rods - 2 m x 2 cm / 1.5 m x 2 cm / 1 m x 2 cm
Collection - Ron Huebner Archives

Installation 1 - Stichting Intro In Situ, Vliek Castle Grounds, Maastricht Netherlands
Installation 2 - Begane Grond, Utrecht Netherlands

"This installation involved the creation of a healing ground of sorts... ‘art as sanctuary’. Eight metal rods functioning as claim stakes contained within them flickering golden lights which were activated by sound through the function of three light organs. Upon entering the healing ground, the lights and thirty body shaker transducer speakers buried beneath the surface were activated with the sound being projected upwards. The audible landscape was that of various sounds including recordings of healers from indigenous peoples from around the globe.”  RH

Lights and speakers are activated by viewer movement in the installation area. This work intended to operate as a kind of healing ground, a spiritual hospital of sorts. Steel rods containing golden lights reacted to the sound with flickering. Underneath the ground (or floor) body shaker speakers resonated in such a way that it was able to also be physically felt. The sound track was that of indigenous medicine healers from all over the world performing various cures for various sicknesses. Accompanying the healing ground was a concrete suitcase... a point of reference for leaving your baggage behind.