Furniture for the Living - (Dedicated to my father 1923 - 1996)
Potgrond, houtlijm, steel, concrete, kerosene burner
Space approx 4 x 3 m

Baby Old Age Rocker
Potgrond, houtlijm, steel
49 x 38 x 17 cm
Status - Unknown

Love Seat
Potgrond, houtlijm, steel
150 x 53 x 17 cm
Status - Unknown

Teenage Chair
Potgrond, houtlijm, steel
47 x 51 x 14 cm
Status - Unknown

concrete, kerosene burner
101 x 101 x 21 cm
Status - Unknown

A Pothole Map
Sepia tone photograph, aluminum frame
80 x 100 cm
Computer generated image taken from the relief of a road pothole near Hope, British Columbia Canada. Negative image of the pothole.
Collection - Ron Huebner Archives

Furniture for the Living
“The installation furniture was made out of a potgrond composite. The accompanying coffee table of cast concrete with a flame burning in the center. Off to the side a large kind of topographical portrait from the inside of a pothole accompanied the setting. The intention of this work was to probe into notions of home comfort within and outside the world setting at large. It was an attempt to bridge the outside material world into an interior setting. As we remain occupants of time , time is temporal and constantly moving through us.

This work functions as a reverse tomb - here we are able to sit and contemplate the earth we will eventually go into. The coffee table has been designed as a hearth of sorts to function as a metaphorical fireplace of sorts. The table will remain, the characters around it continue to change.The will remain, the characters around it will continue to change.”  RH