Untitled (The Dust Room)
Glass, aluminum, photographic transparency, light fixture
House - 45 x 53 x 44 cm
Base - 120 x 70 x 72 cm
Collection - Ron Huebner Archives

Untitled (Dust particle)
Electron microscopic image
102 x 124 cm
Status - Unknown



The Dust Room
“IHere you will find a large electron microscope portrait inside a dust particle magnified twenty million times. This large topographical landscape portrait is intended to operate as a reference point of sorts. Accompanying this photo is a model 1/12th the inside of a dust particle magnified one million times and is represented as an illuminating house which through the isolation of the form becomes a small building within the space itself, and in turn is able to play off of the prevailing architecture which can be seen through the windows directly in front of the object.

This work juxtaposes its surroundings and leaves the viewer with the unusual perspective of rather than looking from the inside world outside... looking at the outside world inside. The work is intended to probe into the prevailing material surface which is constantly surrounding us.”  RH